See PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds being played on a Game Boy Color

Maker Michael Darby has answered the question “can you play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on a Game Boy Color?” with a resounding ‘yes’… but only if you hack the Game Boy to pieces and redefine your meaning of the word ‘play’.

The Nintendo console you see here is merely a shell housing a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and a load of other aftermarket electronics such as a TFT screen and a small LiPo battery.

But this presents another problem, because no Raspberry Pi is even close to powerful enough to run Battlegrounds. That’s where the Moonlight software comes in. It allows you to stream games from a desktop PC to almost any device, including a Pi.

The result is this very popular game running on an extremely small screen, with no sound due to a problem with Moonlight and some very wonky controls. It is, however, cool as hell and a real feat of home  engineering.

When we spoke to Darby about the project he told us that the game was running at a resolution of 800X600 on his PC, both to make streaming to the Pi a bit easier, and to better fit the screen.

The stream was locked to 30 FPS on the Game Boy even though it was running at 60 on the PC. This was, again, intended to smooth things along.

If you’d like to get into the details of how this was done or, if you’re brave, make one yourself, you can find a full guide on or Darby’s site 314Reactor.

One or both of those may look familiar, as this is the same guy who did the rounds a few month ago when he crammed a Windows 98 desktop into a wristwatch.

Like this project it depended on a bit of bodging by emulating the OS on another Pi, but it’s still a great jumping in point for anyone interested in doing these kinds of projects.

A better look at the completed Game Boy. Here it’s running Minecraft.

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