Darkest Dungeon set to land on Nintendo Switch

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As befits its family friendly image, a lot of the games in the pipeline for Nintendo’s Switch console look like a lot of bubbly, upbeat fare.

There’s not a heck of lot there that doesn’t look completely kid-friendly. Well, there is Skyrim, but that was never really frightening, and besides in the Switch version you can play as Link. So what do you do if you’re a Nintendo fan looking for something a little more near-the-knuckle.

Well, it turns out that Red Hook Studios has you covered because its turn-based gothic horror RPG, Darkest Dungeon, is coming to the Switch.

The news was revealed in a tweet on Darkest Dungeon’s twitter account. Have a gander:

You’ll notice that there’s no release date accompanying that footage, but it looks like a full build of the game on the Switch in the console’s handheld mode, so it can’t be too far away from release.

In case you never played it, Darkest Dungeon sees the player take control of a party of adventurers who venture into a nearby dungeon in search of treasure and glory. This naturally leads to an encounter with Lovecraftian beasties that hammer away at the adventurers’ health and mental well-being. In this game, players have to manage both weapons and stress levels and one is advised not to become too attached to their heroes, because death is permanent in this game.

If you fancy reading a full review, our esteemed Clinton Matos played the game on release and described it as one of the most depressing games he’s ever played. He loved it.