Don’t be scared, it’s just the Steam Halloween Sale

Valve has launched The Steam Halloween Sale.

The sale will run from right now up until 19:00 local time on 1st November.

Naturally this being Halloween games that hope to give you a fright take centre stage.

Among the specials are the incredible DOOM from 2016 at just R267.33, Darkest Dungeon at R246.96 and Resident Evil 7 for R399.50.

Anybody with a VR headset will be happy to learn that a number of VR titles are also on sale including The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR for just R65.60.

Steam has been distributing movies for a while now and you can pick up the entire Scream trilogy for R141.30. Those movies might seem silly now but growing up they were among some of the best slasher flicks out.

For gamers that favour fun over fright don’t worry Valve is catering to you as well. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition is going for just R199.60.

XCOM 2 has also received a 60% discount and is now going for R239.60.

These are just some of the discounted games on offer. To find more head to the Steam website and start shopping. Just maybe warn your wallet before you do.




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