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That USA / Japan giant robot fight is happening this month on Twitch

Two years ago something magical happened. Megabots Inc. – who happen to make huge, piloted robots – challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a fight.

To quote the original video you can watch below, which issues the challenge: “you have a giant robot, we have a giant robot, you know what needs to happen”.

Shortly after that first video Suidobashi uploaded their own response with a resounding yes, and the fight was on.

We’ve been waiting for more details on the event and, thanks to the Twitter account of Megabots Inc., we have the details. Apparently the duel has already happened and we’ll be getting a video of it after the fact.

Strangely, they’ve chosen Twitch as the platform to first show off the pre-recorded fight. You can expect it there on 17th October at 7 PM PST. After that it will hit YouTube and other platforms “later”.

While we’re bummed it isn’t going to be a live fight, especially because it’s going to be on Twitch, we understand that two huge mechs may take some boring prep time to get going and some editing would help make the experience better. We just hope it isn’t another CGI-heavy farce like the Michael Phelps “shark race“.

As a reminder of who’s fighting: here’s the American team. Weighing in at 5 400 kilograms the Megabot Mark II is operated by two pilots.

Japan will be represented by the lighter, single-pilot, Kuratas mech weighing in at 4 000 kilograms.

We’re unsure if these are the exact models that will be in the fight, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime you can go to the Twitch event for the fight to make sure you’re notified.


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