This Nintendo Switch is actually a Raspberry Pi emulator

Dropping a Raspberry Pi into a faux Nintendo console has become something of a hobby within the hobby of making, and now it’s reached the Switch too.

Maker Tim Lindquist has created something he calls the “Nintimdo RP” which houses a Raspberry Pi 3 inside of a 3D printed case that looks just like a Switch, complete with all the controls where you’d expect them to be.

The case isn’t an exact replica with a few more ports and seams but, once you’re in a game, it’s very convincing.

It’s running the popular RetroPie software for its emulation and the 7″ screen has touch input for added authenticity.

Those worried about thermals will be happy to a see a small fan coupled with intakes on the back and a heat sink on the processor.

If you’d like to try and make your own you can find the code and .stl files for printing over on GitHub. There’s also the embedded video below which shows off a timelapse of the build as well as a demo of a game being played.

We hope someone takes this project and runs with it to make a more accurate Switch complete with removable controllers. Maybe then they can increase the scale of the print and make controllers big enough for adult hands.


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