You can watch the USA / Japan giant robot fight on YouTube right now

After an initial stream on Twitch the giant robot fight between Megabots Inc. and Suidobashi Heavy Industry is now on YouTube.

As a quick recap, Megabots Inc. from the USA challanged the Japanese Suidobashi to a fight using the large, piloted robots each company makes.

The initial challenge came by way of a video uploaded in June of 2015. It’s taken all this time to iron out the details (and for a whole new robot to be made) but the results are in.

We’ll talk outcomes and opinions after the video, but we do want to give you some timestamps if you want to avoid most of the unnecessary filler in the 26-minute video. Go to 8:32 for the first practice match and 13:25 for the main duel.

Looking past all that filler and the cuts to the multiple presenters, that was a bit anticlimactic, wasn’t it?

As people have been speculating since the first video, the fight was very safe and there was no actual armaments or high speed melee going on. That first battle was exactly what many suspected: one robot rammed into the other, and it fell down.

As much as we’d liked to have seen something more bombastic, maybe even with real guns, we completely understand the danger inherent in that and we’re pretty sure it would be illegal, but we did expect a lot more.

It’s also very obvious that much of the last fight was scripted to make it more exciting and we wouldn’t be surprised if the entire fight was choreographed and the winner decided beforehand. This was less of a cage match and more of a wrestling showcase.

Ah well, we’re happy that the fight finally happened and we hope we hope this acts as the first step towards this giant robot fighting becoming “a thing”.


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