Linux is coming to Samsung Galaxy smartphones

The idea of putting Linux on a smartphone is not new but the fact that Samsung is testing the operating system on its smartphones is.

Samsung made the announcement that it would be possible to run Linux on a Galaxy smartphone at SDC 2017 earlier this year.

Now Samsung is trialing a “concept” of the Linux on Galaxy app which you can watch below.

So a couple of things to note from the video above. While the footage only shows Linux running on DeX from what Samsung has said in an official press release it appears as if users could switch between Android and Ubuntu on the fly.

Don’t like Ubuntu? No problem. Samsung says that users will be able to run multiple operating systems on its handsets, “so developers have the ability to work with their Linux-based distributions of choice on their mobile device, without restrictions.”

As mentioned this functionality is currently being trialed but you can sign up now to get notified the second Linux on Galaxy gets pushed to the public.

It appears then as if developers have had their next upgrade decided for them. To help decide be sure to check out our reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.



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