Locally developed dating app lets you flirt with voice messages

Just in case it was not made abundantly clear recently I am not the biggest fan of dating apps.

The only reason I’m writing this story is because this dating app was developed here in South Africa. Okay the idea is pretty cool as well.

The app in question is Voicy and it allows users to browse profiles and then send them voice notes. Call me a cynic but this feature feels like its going to be abused.

Local mobile app developers Rate ‘n Date Mobile say that it wants to re-introduce the human voice to dating.

“Voice has feeling, textures and layers that can’t be replicated by text, no matter how many emoticons are used,” Rate ‘n Date’s Johnathan Golovey says.

Now perhaps I’m just overly cynical about this whole online dating business but I’m not a fan of opening up a voice message and being hounded with come-ons and the like.

For those less cynical than I, Voicy is available on the Google Play Store for free and there are no in-app purchases.



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