Twitter employee ganks Trump’s account on their last day

A now ex-employee of Twitter has managed to do what a lot of folk have wanted to do for the last couple of years to Donald Trump – made him shut the hell up on Twitter.

Well, for eleven minutes at least…

Last night The Don’s Twitter account was deactivated for a brief period of time by, Twitter has revealed, an employee who was serving out their last day with the company. Talk about going out with a bang.

Anyone who visited @realdonaldtrump would see the message ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist’.

Twitter initially released a statement saying that the account had been deactivated as the result of a human error. However, after conducting further investigations into the matter, Twitter found that the move had been made on purpose.

“Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review,” Twitter said in a statement.

Twitter hasn’t revealed the identity of the employee – and it’s highly unlikely this will happen – or the process by way they went about this action. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t hurt their employment prospects in the long run.

As everyone who is even remotely aware of the existence of Twitter knows, President Trump spends a huge amount of time on the micro-blogging site. In the past, he’s used the site to pick fights with North Korea, slag off political opponents and pundits, and decry anyone who has anything other than lavish praise to heap on him as ‘fake news’.

All very presidential stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.


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