Fully operational Raspberry Pi in a 3D printed Death Star enclosure

Maker Darren Furniss, who goes by the username “Furnibird” online, has created a created a 3D printed Death Star to house a Raspberry Pi 3.

When we spoke to Furniss he told us that the print was created in Fusion 360, a programme he learnt from watching YouTube tutorials.

The design process took three weeks and had to incorporate some kind of closing mechanism. Instead of a hinge on one side, the top and bottom sections slide lock into place. Some screws are required to keep everything together, including the stand which is needed to stop your Pi rolling away.

With a diameter of 13 centimetres the version in the gallery below took around 17 hours to print. Unfortunately, there was no grey filament on hand when this was done, so a white Death Star was printed out and then painted.

The files to make your own can be found on MyMiniFactory with a few different options. There are three different versions of the top half of the print – one that accommodates a 30mm fan, one for a Pi camera (that we hope sticks out of the appropriate place) and a final version with no added functionality.

Furniss is the same person who created the great Pac-Man Pi case, so it’s not surprising to see another spherical enclosure from him.

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