The Room as a Prince Song

Someone has recorded The Room as a Prince song

I don’t really need to write anything here do I? Really? You saw that headline and had to see it didn’t you? Here it is:

The song was posted on Super Deluxe’s YouTube channel and if you fancy skiving off work today, I suggest you check it out. There’s a lot of good stuff on there. I really shouldn’t have to say more.

Unfortunately this article needs some more text in order get an SEO ranking so here’s a brief description on how SEO works. An article needs to hit the mark of around 250 words and you can’t just type the same word over and over again because that’s cheating. Well, as far as Google and Facebook are concerned it is, and they’ll downgrade you.

Do you want to live in a world where this article is downgraded and your chances of finding it are lowered. No, of course you don’t. That would be a travesty. Because it’s just that good.

Oh, it’s probably worth mentioning that The Disaster Artist, which is a film based on the making of The Room, is coming out next year in February. It stars James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, a man who came to Los Angeles to ply his trade as an actor and who wrote, produced and starred in a movie called The Room. The film also stars David Franco and Seth Rogan. You can watch a trailer for it below:

The Room is easily one of the worst films ever made in the history of cinema, but since its release, it’s become one of the most beloved car crashes of all time. If you’ve never seen it, we thoroughly recommend checking it out. We also recommend possibly getting drunk before you sit through it.


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