Turn an office chair into an Elite: Dangerous HOTAS with 3D prints

If you play a lot of Elite: Dangerous or other flying sims, you may have a desk cluttered with peripherals for your HOTAS setup, so here’s a few 3D prints to mount that hardware directly to your chair.

Shea Brown, an R&D manager / drone pilot at Aerial Advantage in Australia, is to thank for this creation. “I only recently got into VR and have loved every minute of it,” Brown told us, “…when I decided to start playing Elite Dangerous I had to go all out and make the cockpit experience as close to real as I could.”

When he couldn’t find the exact type of mounts he wanted, Brown decided to make his own. He set out to create swivel mounts for a flight stick and throttle that could be attached to an office chair.

After two evenings designing the model in SolidWorks, and four whole days of printing on an Anycubic I3 MEGA, the mounts were done.

The version of the mounts you see on this page use the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS and are attached to this specific chair.

The top plates measure in at 18 X 17 centimetres, so you’re not stuck with this exact hardware. Brown also tells us that he’ll be adapting the mounts to fit popular brands of chairs in the future, due to the positive responses to the project he’s received so far.

He says he’s aiming for “popular gaming chairs in the near future”, so something like the DXRacer may be next.

If you’d like to have a go at making your own, the files you’ll need are available on Thingiverse. You’ll also need four bolts (two M5 and two M6) to connect your print to the chair.


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