The Fallout 4 Broadsider recreated with foam, wood & 3D printing

While we’ve featured a lot of 3D printed props from Fallout 4, today we have a full size recreation of one of the game’s weapons that uses a variety of building techniques.

Lennart Johansson, the maker behind this project, was kind enough to share with us how he did it. First and most importantly for the Broadsider is the canon itself, which was cut on a CNC mill out of cellfoam.

The frame, which also acts as a handle to carry this build around, was made by hand mostly in plywood with detailing such as the pistons done in EVA foam, also by hand.

While it’s been a traditional build up until now, the Broadsider does feature some 3D printed parts. Johansson tells us that the smaller details, such as the dampers, trigger and flintlock, as well as literal nuts and bolts, were designed in Fusion 360 and then printed.

Johansson has kindly uploaded those parts into a collection on Thingiverse, should you be tempted to try and make your own.

Colour was added using a mix of Elmer’s glue and acrylic. From there highlights were done with more acrylics before a matte varnish was added to finish it off.

Once completed the Broadsider measures in at 120 centimetres long and 60 centimetres high at the tallest point. Despite being eight kilograms heavy it looks easy enough to haul around thanks to the two handholds.

We see that some foam was added to one of the rails with zip ties. While it isn’t exactly game accurate, we’re sure it’s a godsend for comfort compared to the in-progress version you can see below.


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