Nintendo Labo gets a fan-made Toy-Con telescope

While we’re plenty excited for the official Nintendo Labo kits coming out in April, what we’re really looking forward to is the fan creations inspired by the idea.

Below is the best one we’ve seen so far in an extremely slick CGI trailer for a telescope build.

Uploaded by YouTube channel “David L-m“, it showcases a build and software that looks exactly like something Nintendo would make.

The video description states that it was modelled in 3D Studio Max, V-Ray and Photoshop, with the animation done in After Effects.

If you’re feeling a bit disappointed that this is only a video, we do have some fan creations that you can build right now.

The subreddit /r/NintendoSwitch has been full of Nintendo Labo creations built by its community. User u/Fold-Friends created a miniature version of the piano complete with a flat plan you can copy.

If that not enough they also did Link and a Guardian from Breath of the Wild, and we found a Labo grasshopper on Twitter.

If you’ve already decided not to buy the official kits, we urge you to keep an eye on what the fans are making themselves. We’re also sure that there’s going to be a lot of 3D printed versions out there in the future.

Nintendo Labo Paper Toy Fan Art


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