Valentine’s Day community event comes to Dying Light

If you’re looking for something to play this Valentine’s Day in lieu of spending time with loved ones, Dying Light has you covered.

Their “Undying Love” community event kicked off yesterday and will run until 18th February. During that time players are encouraged to complete co-op missions in the game to gain “Valentine’s points”.

All these points are added into a community score and, once it reaches a million points, special skins for the crossbow and buggy will be unlocked.

This even forms part of Dying Light’s recent three year anniversary which came with a promise from the devs that there would be a bunch of free content coming to the game.

You can track the community score and, at the time of writing, it was already a quarter of the way to the goal, so it looks like there’s pink weaponry in everyone’s future.

If you don’t own the game (which you really should) we can also suggest both Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch to play this coming weekend, as they’re having free weekends.


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