Make your Amazon Echo Dot louder with a 3D printed enclosure

The Amazon Echo Dot and other home assistants have seen a lot of love in the maker community as 3D prints are created to add all kinds of functionality to them.

The one we’re looking at today seeks to not only make the speakers on the Echo Dot louder and more directional, but also give it an attractive shell modelled after the Google Home.

Maker Eugene Pentland tells us that he created the model in around three hours using Fusion 360. Printing took six hours to make an enclosure that is 105 X 135 X 120 and fits the electronics in very nicely.

The version that you see on this page has not had any post processing done on it, so it’s still a bit rough but it looks great regardless.

If you’d like to make your own and maybe do some sanding and painting on top of printing, you can find the files available for free from Thingiverse.

In terms of performance Pentland  says that it’s only around 20% louder with the real benefit coming from sound direction. This is helpful when place in a corner, preventing the sound from bouncing around.

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