Titanfall 2’s Vanguard mech 3D printed with articulation

Most of the 3D prints we feature are static props, but this print from Titanfall 2 is much closer to an articulated miniature.

It is the Vanguard titan from Titanfall 2, the same class as BT-7274, and you can see that maker Davide Spinella has made two versions with the appropriate paint jobs for each.

Measuring in at 20.5 centimetres tall, each titan contains 48 separate pieces with many of them dedicated to movement. The fingers, hands, shoulders, hips, legs and central “eye” all move in some way or another.

Spinella tells us that he began the modelling process using screenshots captured on a PS4, tracing over the separate sections and working by eye to make things fit.

It took a month of work to create the first prototype (the one with the BT-7274 paint job), ensuring that there was as much movement as possible built in.

After refining the model and the printing process, the second red version was made based off of MOB-1316 seen at the beginning of the game.

Making one for yourself should take less time as Spinella  has made the files available for free on Thingiverse. In those files you will also find a detailed Word document which will help you with assembly after you’ve printed all the pieces.

The printing process for each of the models on this page took around a week to do in PLA on a Prusa i3.

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