3D Print turns an Amazon Echo Dot into a gramophone

We recently featured a 3D printed enclosure for the Amazon Echo Dot and it was great if you wanted to add a modern look to your tech.

But what if you want to do the opposite? Thingiverse user TheGreatMrBill had that in mind and turned their Echo Dot into a gramophone.

Luckily, another user had already created a model – dubbed the Gramazon – so the task was now to modify it to make the horn smaller and easier to print.

Once that was done printing took 30 hours and used 466 grams of filament on a Prusa MK3 and Slic3r PE. To hide the seams on the horn, connector rings were made to fit between the four separate pieces.

While the original plan was to print out the enclosure using a woodfill PLA, this was abandoned in favour of a wood stain from Minwax. Gold PLA was used as it was the closet colour on hand to a wooden brown, and it was sanded down after printing.

Several stains were applied to the plastic after this – the colours Natural Chestnut and then  Rustic Mahogany were used – remember those if you’d like to make one for yourself.

The connector rings were given a copper look to fit with the theme – Duplicolor filler primer as the base followed by Rustoleum metallic copper.

With all the colour added in the whole print was finished with polyurethane to seal everything up.

The finished gramophone is about 308mm high, 184.50mm wide and 258mm deep, so it certainty adds a lot of size to the Echo Dot.

While this print has a large focus on aesthetics, it would be useless if the audio didn’t work. We’ve been told that it amplifies the sound quite a lot while giving it an authentic sound. You can hear it yourself in the video below, but it apparently sounds (and looks) better in person.

To make your own start with the files available for free from Thingiverse and remember to check out the original model too.

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