Add physical controls to PUBG Mobile with a 3D printed analogue gamepad

While you can get a Bluetooth controller working with PUBG Mobile, it’s a difficult process and it’s not officially supported by the game.

Luckily one resourceful maker, user evrentug, has skirted around the problem with an analogue gamepad that is 3D printed. 

This print turns four of the on-screen inputs into physical button presses thanks to a system of elastics on the back of the pad.

We’ve been told that the modelling process in 3ds Max took up an entire month to make sure the design was perfect, which also included around 20 test prints.

Each print took about 18 hours to complete not counting all the extra work you’ll need to do to make it operational. Aside from the elastics, you’ll also need to use some kind of conductive filament for the parts that touch the screen.

This version instead uses the heads of four styluses, and we’ve seen balled up tinfoil work too, so there’s a few options to make it compatible with your screen.

If you’d like to give that a shot, you can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

There’s also a long video to go along with the files which will give you a demo of the finished thing, as well as guide for assembly.

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