Gear Of The Year 2017 – The best storage options of last year

When it comes to storing work, games, and media, consumers have a ton of options. When looking at desktops and laptops one can choose the more affordable hard drives to store everything, go with something a bit faster in an SSD, or even break the bank for an NVMe drive for the fastest possible performance.

In our poll to chose their favourite way to store their data, media and entertainment, our readers went with the Samsung SSD, walking away with a massive 50,2% of the votes. Western Digital was second with 24.3%, and Seagate third at 14,2%, both for their portable hard drive options.

Samsung SSD

Samsung also walked away with the storage category in the business section, so it’s no surprise that it continues to dominate here. Even with the higher prices of SSDs, we’re seeing many people choosing the hybrid setup for their storage: an SSD for the operating system (and a few select programmes), and a regular hard drive for everything else.

This setup is seen as the ideal for many with laptop manufacturers choosing it as the default much of the time. It offers the speed when you’re booting up and working in your web browser and something like Office, while also giving you a cheaper way to store your photos and music.

Samsung is a big name in the country when it comes to phones and their reputation spans into the memory sector too. Not only do they have solid offerings in SSDs, but also NVMe and Micro SD options.

When choosing memory it’s very much a trust issue, depending on a company to keep your previous documents and memories safe over the years. This is where the company’s market dominance comes into play, and why it may be the first choice when it comes to purchasing.

Staff Pick


While I have picked ADATA here, my real choice in any 128 GB SSD from a reliable manufacturer. This is the perfect balance between capacity and price for SSDs. While you can cram Windows 10 onto a smaller 64GB drive, there’s very little headroom and it can fill up if an update leaves an old version of Window sitting around.

You’ll also be cursing whenever a programme doesn’t allow you to choose an install location that isn’t your OS drive.

With 128 GB you will never have these worries, and you can even pile in some of your most used programmes like Office and even a few games. I’ve been using an ADATA drive in my personal machine for years without incident, but pick up whatever is cheapest.


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