Mehrunes’ Razor is the latest 3D print from Skyrim

The long list of 3D printed Skyrim props gets a little longer today with a small print of the Mehrunes’ Razor dagger.

Joe Stubbs made this dagger by extracting the model directly from the game and then modifying it for printing.

The pommel had to be split from the rest of the blade to be printed in a different direction, to save on filament.

Once that was done it was printed in PVA and then smoothed out in water with the two pieces coming together with glue.

Sanding, putty and primer was used to refine it further and get that smooth metal look, helped along with with just three colours of paint – an aluminium base, with layers of brown and black to make it look weathered.

You can see more of the painting process in this six-minute video, if you’re looking to make your own.

You’ll also, of course, need the files, which are available for free on Thingiverse.

The default model prints true to size at 54 centimetres long, but Stubbs’s version was made at about half that size to fit onto an Ultimaker 3.

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