Metal Gear’s Solid Eye 3D printed with a working LED

A Solid Eye from the Metal Gear franchise has been 3D printed before, but this version with a small working light is another great example of it.

Cristian Esalini created this prop using Fusion 360 and an existing model that was modified to suit his needs, a process that took around five hours.

The big changes were made to incorporate a button cell, a red LED and a button to turn it on. You can see the finished product of this in the gallery below or in this gif.

You can expect a few hours of light with this setup, and there’s a resistor in the circuit to improve the on time to get you through a con.

Printing of the Solid Eye came in at only four hours followed by sanding, priming and some black spray paint. The white lettering was written on by hand, but you can try a homemade sticker or stencil.

At 81 X 58 X 34 millimetres you won’t need a lot of filament to make this, but remember that you’ll need some way to strap it to your face. Esalini recommends something between 10 and 15 centimetres, depending on who is going to wear.

To make your own start with the files available for free from Thingiverse and make sure to check the “Post-Printing” section for a list of the exact components used.

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