Return to New Vegas with this 3D print of Fallout’s pulse gun

While we do see a lot of 3D prints from the Fallout series, most of them are from Fallout 4, but today we have a weapon prop from New Vegas.

User skynetbeta, an engineer and teacher, created this pulse gun print over the course of five hours as part of a class demo. 3ds Max, Autodesk Inventor and Materialise Magics were all used to make the model as close to the one in the game as possible.

Printing took six and a half hours and was very far from the usual. It was done using the ProJet CJP 660Pro, a printer that can create full colour prints out of a plastic and plaster hybrid powder.

This does create a fragile print, however, which had to be made with some auto-generated supports. To strengthen it further after the fact, the prop was also immersed in two-part epoxy.

You can still make your own pulse gun without the fancy printer, however, as the files are available for free from Thingiverse.

The version in the gallery below is just over 38 centimetres long, so budget your filament appropriately. You may also want to do some of your own slicing to fit it on your printer.

Aside from plastic consider picking up some magnets for added functionality. The energy cell on the top of the gun is a separate print and held in with a magnet so it can be “reloaded”.

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