Sony’s PlayStation 4 sales surpass 76 million units

Sony’s lifetime sales of the PlayStation 4 console have surpassed 76 million units since its initial launch in 2013. The company revealed via its latest earnings report that 19 million units were sold in the last fiscal year, which surprisingly, is a decrease over 2016’s 20 million units sold.

Perhaps this means that PS4 hardware sales have peaked?

“Sales increased 294.0 billion yen (18%) year-on-year (a 13% increase on a constant currency basis) to 1,943.8 billion yen. This increase was primarily due to an increase in PlayStation 4 software sales, including sales through the network, the impact of foreign exchange rates, as well as an increase in the number of subscribers for PlayStation Plus, a paid membership service,” Sony said in a statement.

“Sales are expected to be essentially flat year-on-year mainly due to an expected decrease in PS4 hardware sales and the impact of foreign exchange rates, substantially offset by an expected increase in PS4 software sales, including sales through the network,” the firm added.

With so many great gaming titles on offer, now is probably the best time to get a PlayStation 4 if you haven’t already done so. If God of War doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe other titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo Sport among others will.


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