The Kurzgesagt duck goes from YouTube mascot to 3D print

While most of the 3D prints we feature are from widely-known games or movies, today we have a print from one specific YouTube channel: Kurzgesagt.

This channel creates pleasing, short animations to help explain some complex topics such as the Fermi paradox and string theory. Every video features birds as most of the characters, and a black duck acts as the channel’s mascot.

That black duck has now been turned into a 3D printed prop thanks to MyMiniFactory user T-E-C who tells us that the model took only 30 minutes to create in Fusion 360.

Printing took around three hours with a 0.3mm layer height, after which the prop was done. Unfortunately T-E-C says that they have no plans to do any sanding or painting, so the print you see on this page is the final product.

While it’s still instantly recognisable, it would have benefited from at least a lick of paint on the eyes and the beak. Thankfully the feet are a seperate file, so you can print them in a different filament to add in some colour without paint.

If you’d like to make your own and do all that finishing work, start with the files available for free from MyMiniFactory.

The Kurzgesagt duck print stands at 12 centimetres tall by default, so play around with the scale to suit your needs.

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