Why the 2nd Xbox One X shipment took so long to get here

Thanks to a candid email conversation with Prima Interactive, the local Xbox distributor, we know why the second Xbox One X shipment is arriving in South Africa far later than anticipated.

Not surprisingly, the answer was due to something Prima had no control over: the importation process. Still, it’s nice to get confirmation.

Here’s exactly what they told us:

Consumer response to the console was overwhelming, resulting in stock from the first shipment selling out in 2017. Prima Interactive, which distributes Xbox in South Africa, has been awaiting the arrival of a second shipment. This has been delayed due to factors beyond our control. The factors contributing to the delay however are not out of the ordinary. Delays on imports can be expected from time to time.

Prima was also quick to highlight that the wait is almost over, as the second shipment has been confirmed to be not only in the country by the 18th of May, but in store by that date:

We can confirm that the new stock of Xbox One X will be in store by 18 May 2018.”

And in response to our question of “How many units will you be bringing into the country?”, they said:

“Sufficient stock is arriving to honour pre-orders, as well as meet stock requirements on retailers’ floors. We have been working closely with our retailers to manage the stock requirements.”

What this means is they will have more than enough to satisfy anticipated demand, as well as enough for general sale for people who just want to grab one off the shelf.

Lastly, Prima also kindly provided us with the final RRP of this particular shipment: R7799. That’s only R200 less than that of the first shipment due to the stronger rand relative to its value last year, but it’s sure better than the price going up. And that’s not the end of the good news:

“Consumers may benefit from the strengthening of the Rand against the US Dollar. The recommended retail price on the Xbox One X, in store from 18 May 2018, is R7799 and customers will receive a Free 3 Months Live Gold Subscription.”

In all, this is excellent news for anyone who missed out on the Xbox One X when it initially landed in SA shortly before Christmas 2017, particularly anyone who’s still gaming on an Xbox One and who bought themselves a shiny new 4K TV over the break. 1080p games + 4K display = foul.

At the time of this writing, none of the major retailers have opened their Xbox One X pre-orders.

Update: Raru’s Xbox One X pre-orders are open. 

Does this make you happy? Will you be pre-ordering an X? Or are you of the opinion that Microsoft is struggling with attractive exclusives that 4K/30fps can’t make better while PlayStation continues to knock theirs out of the park, and you will stick with what you have already thank you very much?

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and/or on Twitter/Facebook/via smoke signals/morse code/snail mail/telepathy.



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