You can now mod LEGO Bionicles into XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is still getting a lot of love from the modding community, which has created a character pack with a hit of nostalgia.

Steam user HotChocletyLez has recreated the original six Toa – the Bionicle protagonists – which many people have fond memories of as a popular range of toys in the early 2000’s.

The mod has the clever feature of the characters’ signature melee weapons being represented and used as such in the game, which makes up for the odd sight of a Bionicle holding an assault rifle.

You can download the character pack from the Steam workshop, which is made in conjunction with a voice pack that uses lines from one of the Bionicle movies.

YouTube channel The Tommy Trials has a nice little video showing off the characters and how they look in the game. It also points out some inconsistencies with the additions which can sometimes be fixed with customisation.

If all of this has made you want to break out the original toys, you may be happy to know that they’re relatively cheap and easy to find in secondhand markets, if you (or your parents) have sold them off.

Alternatively, LEGO cancelled the theme in 2010 but actually brought it back in 2015. There was a good range of new sets to buy and it is a great experience to pick a few up and see how much more advanced they are compared to the original.

Unfortunately Bionicle was cancelled again in 2016, but the sets are also really easy to buy right now. You may even be able to find some old stock in certain stores.



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