Phil Swift returns to butcher another boat in the name of Flex Tape

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest tape-based memes, you may have missed the amazing Phil Swift and his even more amazing Flex Tape.

Okay, let’s back up a bit. Phil Swift is a representative for Flex Seal, a company that makes a wide range of DIY products for the home.

Their most well-known product is their titular Flex Seal, an adhesive sealant that with a variety of uses.

They’ve garnered a lot of attention for their Flex Tape which has the selling point of being usable in water.

To promote their tape, the company put out a commercial were Swift cut  a boat in half and repaired it with Flex Tape.

The inherent absurdity in this stunt, combined with Swift’s enthusiastic catchphrase of “I sawed this boat in half!”, made it famous.

If you want a great take on it, we highly suggest JonTron’s video on the topic.

Now we get to the new stuff and Flex Tape clear, a transparent version of the existing project. Swift is back to destroy another boat, this time by making a hole in the bottom and installing a clear bottom with the tape.

And if you thought it was just for show, you don’t know Swift. He takes it out onto the sea, complete with sharks

You can watch it below and there’s also a behind the scenes video to go along with it, if you’re interested in such things.


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