Prop up your literature with 3D printed Stargate bookends

Bookends have been a popular subject for the 3D printing community because of all the clever ways to make them, and this Stargate pair is one of the best.

Maker Wayne Jordan created these prints in OpenSCAD, a process that took around 26 hours, telling us that he used photos found online as references.

Printing for all the individual parts took around 12 hours using an infill of 20% for the larger parts and 50 – 70% for the smaller ones.

Going back to the reference pictures for the painting, simple acrylics were used for the colour before a clear coat was applied to protect everything.

The final products that you see on this page measure in at 10 X 10 X 9 centimetres for the planet gate, and 10 X 10 X 10.5 centimetres for the SGC gate.

You can, of course, scale these to suit the books you’ll want to keep up. You may want to consider filling the bases with weights if you need to hold back some serious tomes.

To start you’ll need the free files which are available for free from both Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.

If you want to get really fancy on your bookshelf you could even motorise the gates so they turn like they do in the show. This was done back in 2014 using an Arduino, and it’s still impressive today.

While you’re downloading make sure to check out Jordan’s Walking Dead bookends which acted as the springboard for this project.

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