The cancellation and resurrection of the LEGO Bionicle game

In the early 2000’s LEGO’s line of Bionicle toys was one of the most popular out there and it largely accredited with saving the company from the dire financial problems it was having at the time.

You most likely remember the original six protagonists – the Toa Mata – and we’re willing to bet a lot of us still have them hidden away in a box somewhere.

With this popularity, LEGO sought to turn this famously lore-heavy franchise into a game, but a title destined for PC and GameCube never came to be.

Videogame historian Liam Robertson has created a perfect video to explain what happened with this game known as The Legend of Mata Nui.

It is, unfortunately, a tale of executive meddling as it was cancelled in its final hours after a new team at LEGO came in and cancelled ongoing media projects.

Luckily there is a silver lining to all this, as a mostly complete version of the game made it out into the wild, and can be downloaded right now.

If all this talk of Bionicle has made you want to get out the toys again, you’ll be happy to know that the theme was actually resurrected in 2015… only to be cancelled again the next year. Luckily a lot of great sets came out in that time that are relatively cheap and easy to pick up on the secondhand market.


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