The Secret of Monkey Island explored in this YouTube documentary

Fans of The Secret of Monkey Island have received something great from a content creator on YouTube, in the form of an hour-long documentary.

Far from being entirely dedicated to this one property, the video tracks the development of these games all the way back to the original text-based adventures.

From there you’ll see how advancement in tech and trends expanded on the various genres, as well as a look at the people who made them happen.

Those interested in programming will also get to see the evolution of the SCUMM Engine, which made many of the classic point-and-click games possible.

This video forms part of the RetroAhoy series, which covers individual games and their genre legacy. Quake was the subject before this, with another hour-long feature. Doom preceded Quake with a shorter 50 minute affair.

The creator behind these is the simply named Ahoy. Previously known as “XboxAhoy”, this channel was familiar in the Call of Duty scene as it pumped out weapons guides with extremely high production values.

Nowadays you’ll be seeing these documentaries popping up every few months, so we suggest subscribing. You may be frustrated waiting for new videos but, once you see the amount of research and custom graphics made for each installment, you’ll understand why they take so long to make.


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