21st February 2024 2:39 am
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South Africans roast Debonairs Pizza on Twitter

It’s not often that a piece of advertising can provide so much entertainment, but a promoted tweet from local restaurant chain Debonairs Pizza has done just that.

You may have seen this pop up in your timeline and it seemed innocent enough. It calls for people to share why they believe the restaurant to be praiseworthy.

It appears to be in connection with their new “beef almighty” range of foods, instead of a general call to get feedback from the community.

Well, South Africa has come out in force to answer this question. Debonairs Pizza is sometimes a touchy subject when we’ve discussed it in the past, with many people either loving or hating their brand of foods, especially the pizza.

Since we had such a good laugh reading the comments – which range from funny, to mean to outright calls for them to stop selling food – we thought we’d round up a few and share them below.

Regardless of our feelings towards this company and their food, we have to give them respect for dealing with the responses so well. It seems like they’re trying to stem the tide with professional replies when they could have ignored them entirely, used a bot, or insulted them, but we think that only works for Wendy’s in the US.

Going through all the responses and we seem to have found a pattern of users saying that they used to enjoy the food but have found it losing quality while increasing in price over time. The original tweet is still up at the moment if you want to have a read through yourself.

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