Artificial intelligence research centre opening in Ghana this year

Google has been investing heavily in the African continent in recent years.

Most recently it launched the Google Impact Challenge in Nigeria and South Africa. The challenge calls on startups with great ideas to submit ideas for a chance to win cash prizes to bring those ideas to life.

There is a surge in the use of technology in Africa and Google recognises that.

The AI research centre planned for Akkra in Ghana will bring together machine learning researchers and engineers to working on AI analysis and applications.

“AI has great potential to positively impact the world, and more so if the world is well represented in the development of new AI technologies. So it makes sense to us that the world should be well represented in the development of AI,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Google has AI research centres in Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, Beijing, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle, Boston, Cambridge, Tel Aviv and New York. The AI centre in Ghana will be the first on the African continent.

There is also an opportunity for software engineers and research scientists to apply for a position at the centre in Akkra.


[Image – CC BY 2.0 Carlos Luna]


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