Bob Ross: The Happy Painter documentary is now on YouTube

If you ever wondered about the happy little accidents that helped Bob Ross’ legacy, you’ll be happy to know that a feature-length documentary about him is now available on YouTube.

It was uploaded a few hours ago by the official Bob Ross channel. This used to be one of the best places to watch The Joy of Painting, but it had not seen an upload for the last eight months.

After a few trailers for this documentary were uploaded, the full video was added and can be watched below.

Aside from some celebrity cameos, it tracks the life of Ross and how he came to be the beloved celebrity painter and entertainer many know him as.

It also touches on some behind the scenes aspects of the show that we did not expect. The biggest one, for us anyway, is the fact that many of the paintings done live on the show were actually completed beforehand.

Off-camera Ross would use these finished pieces as a template to more easily complete the live version. On top of that, he would repaint many of these a third time so that step-by-step pictures could be taken for his books.

There’s also some time dedicated to his famous hair, which actually came about as a way to save money. Ross’ logic was that, if he permed his hair, we wouldn’t need to get it cut. This was during a time when Ross moved away from his family to pursue his dreams of teaching people to paint, and was on a small amount of money to make it happen.

Make sure you catch the picture of him without the big hair.

Aside from being more accessible on YouTube, the site also offers the option to watch at faster speeds so you can get through the runtime faster. We suggest 1.25X speed as it’s still very close to 1X without being distracting.


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