Form your own Voltron with the official LEGO set

Almost a year ago LEGO announced that they would be making a Voltron set, and yesterday we finally got to see what the finished build would look like.

21311: Voltron is made up of 2321 pieces and will cost US$179.99 / £159.99 / €179.99 depending on where you live. LEGO confirms that this is the biggest mech they’ve ever sold, and you’ll be able to buy it if you’re a LEGO VIP from 23rd July.

If you’re not a VIP – or that programme just isn’t available in your country – it will have a wider release on 1st August. Those outside of the main markets will have to wait a bit longer, for sets this big and expensive it’s not unusual to wait anywhere between one and three months for it to appear in stores, if at all.

The standout feature here, aside from looks so good, is the fact that you need to build five individual lions and then combine them to form Voltron, just like in the show.

Not only are we blown away by the fact that has been pulled off, but, if we’re being honest, this makes us want to break the bank and buy two of the sets so we can display both Voltron and the lions individually. Anyone looking to buy a kidney or two?

Each lion has its own impressive build and articulation which also translates into the combined piece. Once joined together it stands 40 centimetres tall, 21 centimetres wide and 14 centimetres long.

While we don’t put much stock into packaging , the box for this sets has to get a nod. It’s got that 80’s aesthetic absolutely nailed and we can see a lot of people keeping these even if they’re not the type of collector to do so.


This set exists because of LEGO Ideas – a system where fans can submit prototypes for sets which the community can vote on. Every submission that gets 10 000 votes will be reviewed by LEGO, and it then has the chance to become an official set.

It’s the same system that brought us amazing sets like 21313: Ship in a Bottle, 21309: NASA Apollo Saturn V and, inf our opinion, one of the best sets ever made in 21305: Maze.

If you want to learn more about LEGO Ideas or this set, make sure you read the full press release. it also comes with extra images of the sword and shield builds.

The one omission you’ll see there and in other pieces about this product is a lack of minifigures. Yes the people piloting Voltron are mysteriously absent here and we’re not exactly sure why.

It’s already an expensive, enthusiast product so we’re sure a few more dollars for this inclusions wouldn’t have upset too many people.

The only other reason we can think of is a mix of scales (people may believe that the minifigures fit inside of the build), but that’s a weak excuse as it’s been done in other sets.

Luckily, this is LEGO and making the characters shouldn’t be too difficult. We’re sure someone will even modify the set to fit all five minifigures some time in the future.


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