Rift & Vive users both get 3D printed Darth Maul grips for Beat Saber

One of the most popular VR games right now is Beat Saber – a rhythm game where you wield two lightsabers, cutting up targets in sync with the music.

A popular way to play the game is to join your separate Oculus Rift or HTC Vive controllers together to make a double-bladed lightsaber reminiscent of Darth Maul.

There’s many ways to do this but, of course, the 3D printing community has stepped up to offer a way to do this neatly without the need for tape or something similarly improvised.

Maker Markus Ast has created the first solution for the Vive – a simple printed handle where the controller straps are tied together in the middle to keep everything solid.

This version was modelled in Fusion 360 in only three hours. It took 10 hours to print on an Ultimaker 3 and the files can be downloaded for free from Thingiverse.

There’s also an included video that shows you how to put everything together.

For those using Oculus Touch controllers there’s a similar design by William Robb that looks more the part thanks to detailing in the handle.

This solution is also different from the previous one as the controllers are friction fit inside of the print, instead of relying on the straps.

Now, Beat Saber is known to be quite the energetic game, so you’re going to have to spend some time making sure everything fits perfectly so now expensive controllers go flying across the room.

The other difference is that this one is modular, so the handle can be separated if you get tired of the Darth Maul experience.

The design was created in TinkerCad with lots of time being given to making sure that the screw in the middle works as it should to keep the two pieces together.

This one design is actually three prints – two handles for the controllers and an adaptor in the middle to join them.

For printing each hilt took around four and a half hours, with another four going into the adaptor and its screws. This is because 100% infill was used to make it as solid as possible.

The files for this option are also available on Thingiverse.

While writing this story a lot of different options have popped up aside from these two solutions, so we suggest looking around Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory to find something that suits you.

One of the most unique was not a handle at all, but an adaptor that fits into the open spaces at the top of the Vive controllers.

This print by Jared DuPont doesn’t have a central handle and looks to be a good way to have both lightsabers in one hand in a package that’s as small as possible.

DuPont tells us that it took only around three hours to design in Fusion 360, but that was only after a few days of planning to figure out how it would work.

Printing took three and a half hours at 30% infill and requires a few extra parts on top of the filament. A four inch (10.16 centimetre) bolt and a wingnut are needed here.

You can see a comparison of how this works in a video he put out and, if you want to make your own, you can download the files to do so.

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