See Fallout 4’s Red Rocket truck stop before the bombs with this 3D print

All of the 3D prints we’ve looked at from Fallout 4 have the series’ signature dirt and grime, so it’s nice to see something from before the apocalypse.

Maker Colin Chadburn has created this scale model of the Red Rocket truck stop as it may have originally looked.

The modelling process in Tinkercad and SketchUp started with a non-printable version of the location found online.

Chadburn then spent a month working backwards to make it suitable for printing, as well as adding in missing detail so it would look new.

This included a lot of removable items such as toolboxes, tyres and even a functional scissor lift. While these all add interesting detail to the print, it is intended to be played with by Chadburn’s grandson.

This is also why certain elements such as the rocket and the roof were scaled up. You can reverse these changes if you decide to make your own, but we think it still looks great as a display piece.

Printing took more than 200 hours with the filament being changed out mid-print so that the correct colours were used.

The finished version that you see on this page – which measures in at 46 centimetres tall and 71 centimetres long  – does not use any paint.

A string of LEDs embedded in the roof give this print some light, which also makes it easier to play with when it’s dark. Three AA batteries housed in the back wall power the LEDs and a three-way switch for off, steady and flashing options is located inside of the garage.

To make your own Red Rocket truck stop start with the files available for free from Thingiverse. Make sure you also watch a demo of the project to see the finished print in action.

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