The differences between the GPD Win 2 prototype and retail models

With the GPD Win 2 now available to buy on many retail sites, it’s worth looking back at the comparisons between it and the prototypes sent out to content creators and reviewers.

The biggest change mentioned in a comparison done by The Phawx is the screen. The hinge has received a lot of extra tension so it will hold open at any angle you like. This is a change from the prototype that had much less tension and would only lock into certain spots, with none of them being particularly comfortable to use.

It has also been improved with much less light leakage and a better display adaptor. It seems like the adaptor setup before made some games unplayable with the title Condemned: Criminal Origins being shown off.

One downgrade in the newer version is the removal of rubber grips on the outside of the retail version. There’s smooth plastic there now which may reduce comfort, but it seems like a minor change.

When opening up the retail GPD Win 2 there’s also dozens of small changes such as the additions of rubber and foam to make everything as solid as possible. It also looks like the entire motherboard has been redesigned with better soldering.

The full comparison can be found below. We also suggest subscribing to The Phawx while you’re here.

The channel does cover other hardware and software, its coverage of GPD is great and its where we first learned up the upcoming Pocket 2 from the company, which should be going to crowdfunding soon.


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