The Noclip Fallout 76 documentary is almost 40 minutes of new info

Two weeks ago we learned that fan-funded documentary channel Noclip would be releasing two videos about Bethesda – one focused on the history of the studio, and another on Fallout 76.

The first of these documentaries came out last week and, as is to be expected from Noclip, it’s a brilliant look behind the scenes of a beloved name in the industry.

That being said, the Fallout 76 video is infinitely more interesting due to the amount of new information, gameplay and more from the unreleased game.

Coming in just shy of 40 minutes, it’s a deluge of previously unseen content. We won’t spoil it all – we really do think it’s worth your time to watch the whole thing – but we’ll touch on a few standouts.

The first is something of a letdown as we hear about the struggle that the Gamebryo engine once again presented. This extremely old piece of tech had to be completely reworked, once again, to facilitate multiplayer. We hope that Bethesda’s next-gen games – Starfield and Elder Scroll VI – are treated to a new engine.

The West Virginia setting proves to be a lot more interesting than originally thought. The people working on the game pulled from its history and mythology to make interesting places to play and monster to fight.

Our favourite mention here is of mothman, which exists in the folklore of the state. In the first documentary one of the developers is even wearing a mothman T-shirt, something we picked up on in our first watch but we didn’t link to the setting.

A close second for favourite moments is the Green Bank Radio Telescope, where wifi is banned as it is a quiet zone. Tom Scott did a video on this interesting place which, you guessed it, is based in West Virginia. We may just get to explore this area in the new game.

On the gameplay side, it was interesting to hear of mechanics returning from older games. High rad levels may lead to mutations which take on a similar function as traits in previous entries. There’s also weapon degradation similar to that in Fallout 3.

Even if you were turned off by this game’s multiplayer focus, this documentary may swing you to being excited about more Fallout.


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