Tesla finally meets its production goal for the Model 3

While Tesla and its co-founder Elon Musk remain the darlings of the advanced automotive world, the company’s flagship Model 3, has been mired by several production delays over the past 18 months.

Musk and co. have initially planned to reach a 5 000 Model 3-a-week goal by the end of 2017, but have not been able to reach the goal.

Until now, with Musk taking to Twitter to report that 7 000 vehicles were manufactured and cleared for sale in the space of seven days, with Reuters noting that 5 000 of those cars being the Model 3.

This is a relatively significant milestone for the Model 3, which has failed to reach many of its production goals ever since the car was officially showcased by Musk in 2016.

It still remains unclear if Tesla will be able to maintain such a production level, but sources have informed Reuters that the company is targeting a rollout of 6 000 Model 3s-a-week next month.

Along with congratulating the team for their efforts, Musk also noted that, “I think we just became a real car company.”

If that is indeed the case, it could hopefully mean that the Model 3 will begin shipping to more territories later in the year, with South Africa earmarked by Musk shortly after the Model 3 was revealed back in 2016.



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