Valve stops adding adult games to Steam as it works on new tool

Steam is becoming an increasingly divisive marketplace.

In recent months, games focused on school shootings and gun violence have cropped up on the site, prompting Valve to update its policy to ensure that content could appear on the platform provided it was not illegal.

Now the latest issue facing Valve is adult games.

More specifically the fact that any user can view the content for such games without any apparent restriction.

It has become such a problem that Valve has begun to inform adult game developers that their titles have been temporarily put on hold from placement on the marketplace as the company looks for new tools in order to better police content and protect its younger users.

One developer that brought this additional moderation procedure to light was Love in Space, which took to Twitter to explain the situation regarding one of its titles – Shining Song Starnova.

Valve has confirmed that some adult games have been put on hold, but has not mentioned when more information will be incoming. Nor has it given an indication or timeframe as to when the games will appear on Steam and how the new requirements will take effect.

No, adult games don’t rank high on most Steam user’s needs, but their developers, like all others, need clarity on when their titles will be available to play.

With Valve still tweaking its ongoing content policy process, it does not seem like this situation will reach a conclusion any time soon.



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