Cheaper cloud storage plans for Google One revealed

A few months ago, Google rebranded its Drive cloud storage plans to Google One.

Now the company has revealed some more details about its online offering, with new pricing for Google One revealed.

The new plans are yet to be made available to local users, but The Verge has detailed what those Stateside can expect to pay for the service.

To that end, Google One starts at $1.99 per month for 100GB of additional storage on top of the 15GB that users receive for free with a Google account. This is the same as the pricing for Google Drive, but as the tiers go up, the pricing begins to differ.

There’s a 200GB tier for $2.99 per month for example, and the $9.99 per month tier is doubling the storage on offer from 1TB to 2TB.

Along with the new pricing, users will be able to share their storage with up to five family members. One could also share with work colleagues or friends as well, as Google does not check the status of who you share storage with.

Google says more features are on the way, but no mention was made of what those could be at this stage, or indeed when they plan to introduce them.

Whether the change in pricing gets more people to sign up, remains to be seen.



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