New streetwear collab aims to help Wikipedia Foundation

If you’re a hypebeast, you know that brand collaborations are everything, and now it looks like Wikipedia is trying to get into the streetwear game.

Yes you can now get some Wikipedia merch to rock on your next fit, with the company collaborating with streetwear brand Advisory Board Crystals (ABC).

The pair’s number of offerings are slim for now, with only a long-sleeve t-shirt listed.

It’s not cheap though at $98 (~R1 496), but the large price tag is for a good reason, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Wikimedia Foundation and helping to fund the efforts at Wikipedia.

Given the fact that Wikipedia is a free online resource, it needs to do something in order to keep the lights on, and this seems like as trendy a venture that one will come across.

As for the offering, it’s description is rather grandiose considering it’s just a white long-sleeve t-shirt with some choice graphics.

“Conceptually, one element of the shirts design is represented through appropriation. Combined elements of familiar visual language from the internet and Abc. specific “information related” details create our first iteration of the physical representation of Wikipedia,” reads the shirt’s description.

If you’re wanting to get your hands on the long-sleeve t-shirt, however, you’re out of luck sadly, with it sold out in all sizes.

Whether or nor a second run, or more merch is on the way, remains to be seen.

With the first run selling pretty quickly despite costing quite a bit, this could be a handy new funding scheme on the part of Wikipedia.

Could they become the Supreme of non-profit websites?



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