OMEN Mindframe headset with active cooling is coming to SA

The OMEN Mindframe headset was announced back in May but we’ve now learned that it will be landing in South Africa come October.

So what’s special about this headset that we’re writing about its arrival in two months, today?

The Mindframe headset is one of the first headsets in the world to contain “active earcup cooling” which is just a fancy way of saying your ears won’t drown in a pool of your own sweat.

HP’s Frostcap technology uses a thermoelectric device inside the earcup to move hot air away from the headset and promises to keep your ears cool. The level of cooling can be adjusted in the OMEN Command Centre.

It sounds a bit gimmicky to us if we’re being honest, and we’re hesitant to praise HP for this feature without knowing whether it works.

One feature of the Mindframe headset that does interest us however, is how the firm does “noise cancellation”.

We put that term in quotation marks because it’s not quite noise cancellation. HP uses something called sidetoning to feed your voice into the headset giving you the impression that outside noise has been shut out. The microphone does boast noise cancellation but some noise will penetrate the earcups.

To get all of these features as well as RGB lighting you’re going to have to reach deep into your bank account.

As it stands the OMEN Mindframe headset will carry an RRP of R3 999 which is pure madness for a headset from where we are sitting.

That having been said we’re curious to see whether the Mindframe is able backup the promise of “total comfort“.

Perhaps handing over R4 000 for a headset won’t be that painful if it really is the most comfortable headset we’ve ever used.


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