Reports says small percentage use Amazon Alexa for shopping

Smart speakers touting digital assistants are becoming more commonplace in tech savvy homes, with the Amazon Alexa supporting Echo range one of the leaders Stateside.

Owners use it for all manner of things, whether it be listening to music, organising their calendar or asking questions. One of the other features, being an Amazon product after all, is the ability to order items via voice and shop.

As it turns out though, this feature is one that is not used that often by Amazon Echo owners.

This according to a report from The Information (paywall), which found that 100 000 of the estimated 50 million Amazon Alexa users purchased something more than once via the digital assistant.

That’s a relatively small percentage considering how often an ad for the Amazon Echo speakers feature someone asking Alexa to order something.

If true, this report illustrates that Amazon may not be getting the added commercial output it may have expected from its Echo speakers.

That particular factor is hard to gauge as there’s no mention by The Information of how much revenue said Alexa-aided shopping has returned.

Another aspect that the report revealed is that an estimated one million consumers began to shop via Alexa, but only the aforementioned 100 000 continued with the transaction.

This makes the findings are quite interesting, as it potentially shows that consumers might be embracing smart speaker technology, but still want to physically view or inspect an item before they go forward with a purchase.

Perhaps a better move for the Alexa platform would be pushing a notification to the user’s smartphone or tablet to suggest an item they may be interested in buying?

With an extremely large percentage of Amazon Alexa users not making full use of the platforms shopping functionality, this is likely something that the company will be aiming to address.



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