The Neo Geo Mini is finally portable thanks to a battery mod

When images of the Neo Geo Mini began surfacing many speculated that the small console would be battery powered to make it portable, but when the official announcement happened we found out this was not the case.

Luckily some Neo Geo minis have arrived in the hands of consumers, who have taken to modifying them to disconnect it from the wall.

One of our favourite YouTube channels – ETA PRIME – has done just that, and more, in its latest video. As was pointed out in the tear down, there is ample free space inside of the shell to include batteries behind the screen.

A 10000mAh battery was used here, which will apparently gives this console more than eight hours of life even with volume and brightness turned all the way up.

Battery and charging indicator lights were added into the second player controller port, and a power booster was connected directly to the original PBC.

On top of that wireless charging was integrated using a pad and dock found on Amazon. While this did work, it took a whopping 17 hours to recharge the battery from empty, so a better quality version will be used next time.

You can see a short demo of the project in the video below. ETA Prime promises that a full tutorial will be available soon, together with a separate mode to add lighting to the top marquee.

If all of this has got you excited to get your own, you will have to wait a while. This one was acquired from Japan with the international version coming later. There’s no word when it will show up in South Africa either.


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