Eren from Attack on Titan 3D printed at a slightly smaller scale

The last time we featured a 3D print from Attack on Titan it was in the form of a 1:1 scale recreation of the maneuver gear, but today we have something a bit smaller.

It’s Eren Yeager in his titan form, created by the prolific “Mag-Net” who you may know for Howl’s Moving CastleBlack Mirror’s MetalheadDirk the Daring and much more.

For Eran we’ve been told that the modelling was done in ZBrush over the course of around 20 hours. This included deleting and redoing much of the work to completely nail the anatomy here.

Unfortunately, due to a broken printer, we don’t have the time taken to print this one out. We do know that it stands at around 22 centimetres tall, so you can approximate the amount of time it would take to make one by your printer settings and the scale you decide to go with.

Once printed this was smoothed out with Rustoleum Filler Primer and a lot of sanding.

Painting was done with a mix of acrylics and airbrushing to make something very convincing. It would be easy to mistake this with a production miniature the first few times you see it.

This model is a companion for the female and colossus titans that Mag-Net created back in 2017 when they first started. You can see just how far they’ve come in a very short time by comparing those to to this project.

Eren Yeager, as well as all the other models from this maker, are available to download for free from MyMiniFactory. Remember that you can leave a tip using the “support me” button if you appreciate this kind of work.

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