Is it still a Metal Slug if it’s 3D printed?

Despite the love for the series we see relatively few maker projects based on the Metal Slug franchise, so it seems fitting to start looking at them with the vehicle which lends its name to the series.

This scale recreation of the SV-001 Metal Slug comes to us from a Korean maker who goes by the username “Dust of Cosmos“.

They tell us that this print was created in Tinkercad over the course of around five hours after a mistake showed them that there were no existing models of the tank.

printing would have taken 55 hours, but four separate printers were dedicated to this project bringing that time to just 19.

Once the pieces had been joined together and the gaps filled with epoxy, the miniature measured in at 18 X 14.4 X 15 centimetres. At that size it’s going to eat up a lot of filament, so anyone attempting to make their own should ensure they have enough on hand.

Once some sanding had been done the metallic look here was achieved with a mix of black and pearl white acrylic paints. Gold and yellow was also used here for a few of the details.

It is, however, recommended that a simple can of metallic grey spray paint be used instead.

Those wanting to make their own can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

Then, if you can read Korean, there is an accompanying post where you can see the steps which went into creating this.

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