There could be 3 000 Amazon Go cashier-less stores by 2021

It’s safe to say that Amazon is dominating the online retail arena, but now the company is aiming to make inroads in the physical retail space.

Earlier this year a second Amazon Go cashier-less store opened up in Seattle, and now the company has designs to launch a few thousand more of them over the next couple of years.

This according to a report from Bloomberg which says an estimated 3 000 convenience stores will be launched between now and 2021. Amazon has not commented on reports, however, with the retail giant remaining mum on the subject for now.

If true that would be quite a rapid expansion, with the first Amazon Go store only going live in late 2016, and a few more locations in the US set to do the same next year.

It’s also unclear whether the proposed 3 000 stores will be limited to the United States, but we could certainly see them finding a footing in Southeast Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, both of which have a heavily entrenched convenience store culture.

While location is unknown, what is being touted for the Amazon Go stores are a number of different configurations. Currently the Amazon Go store is food-based, with customers capable of walking in and picking up a few things for lunch or dinner.

Bloomberg notes that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, is planning to create different iterations of the Amazon Go store designed to stock and sell different types of products. There could for example, be one version geared towards consumer tech, while another could feature clothing.

We’ll have to wait for official comment from Amazon though, to see if these retails plans come to fruition.


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