This Rocketeer miniature can’t fly but can be 3D printed

While we feature a lot of 3D printed superheroes, they’re usually current fairs from Marvel and DC. Today we have something else in the form of this posable Rocketeer miniature.

This creation comes to us from the prolific Rober Rollin. We featured his Gravity Falls prints back in October of 2017, and he’s been steadily creating more figures in the same style since then. The TickFreakazoidGargoyles and more have all come from this one maker.

Rocketeer here was modelled in Blender over the course of 16 hours. The moveable hips and arms took up a lot of that time, with join sizing being especially important to make sure everything would fit together.

Printing took a full day to complete with each of the four parts (upper body, legs, left arm and right arm) requiring six hours.

The finished print you see here stands 8.3 inches (21 centimetres) tall, but you can always scale yours to fit into a collection of other figures.

We’ve been told that, at this size, it needed around an hour of sanding to smooth down and a further two hours of painting with acrylics to get the colours right.

If that doesn’t sound too daunting you can find the free files to make your own over on MyMiniFactory.

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